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Pregnancy Pillow

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Product Description

Bump Nest® Pregnancy Pillow


Sleeping can be a challenge while pregnant. With support in all the right places, the Bump Nest® Pregnancy Pillow relieves the aches and pains associated with a woman's journey through pregnancy, including sciatica, restless leg syndrome, lower back pain, and symphysis pubis dysfunction.


While sleeping is important so you feel rejuvenated, quality sleep during pregnancy has also been linked to better immune function, decreased inflammation, easier labor and delivery, decreased necessity for cesarean sections, improved nutrient flow to the baby, uterus, and kidneys, and decreased postpartum depression.


Patented seamless curvature gently cradles neck and shoulders and encourages side sleeping, which is good for mommy and baby.

Premium stretch-knit removeable pillow case and inner pillow are machine washable.

Invisible zipper for added comfort.

Wrap around flexibility paired with repositionable stuffing helps relieve sciatica, restless leg syndrome, lower back pain, and even symphysis pubis dysfunction.


Pillow to Pillow Comparison

  Bump Nest®
Total Body
Pillow Chic
Body Pillow
Adjustable Stuffing    
Seam-free Interior Curvature    
Premium Knit Fabric (Case) $  
Machine Washable (Pillow)  
Travel Case $  
30-day Guarantee
Variety of Patterns Available  
$ = Available at additional cost | Depends on Retailer

Yep, We Said Washable

We all know life gets a little messy sometimes. That's why the Bump Nest® Pregnancy Pillow comes with a fully removable, machine washable case. Even the pillow insert itself can be laundered alone in your front-loading (or non-central agitator type) washer and dryer. Actually, laundering your pillow will return it to its original fluffiness.

BUMP NEST Body Pillow


Product Reviews

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  1. highly recommend!

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jun 2015

    I would never go back to a normal pillow after using the bump nest while pregnant. It supports your back so well! I have a really bad back and this pillow had really helped!

  2. Good Investment

    Posted by Ann on 10th Jun 2015

    I really resisted getting a pregnancy pillow, but I was getting terrible sleep and heard that it worked for some moms. The 30 day money back guarantee allowed me to just pull the trigger and I'm really glad I did! I can sleep facing either side, I like how soft and even though it's big, it's relatively easy to reposition compared to other pillows I've talked to other pregnant moms about. It's pricier but seems worth it. Love the patterned case, but b/c it's not cotton, I tend to overheat a little with it. (which is why I only gave 4 stars) Otherwise, it's a good purchase as sleep is so important!

  3. WOW!

    Posted by Lauren Powers on 9th Jun 2015

    I'm so incredibly in love with my Bump-nest pillow, I think my husband is actually kind of jealous!

    It took me a little longer than usual to get my pillow as FedEx damaged it in transit but the Company was awesome and sent me a new one out ASAP. And once I received my pillow, this is the best sleep I have gotten my whole pregnancy! I'm carrying twins and like most pregnant women, cannot get comfortable to save my life. But my Bump-nest pillow makes all the difference!

    I started off with a store bought pregnancy pillow and had to return it the next day because it was so firm I felt like I was sleeping on rocks! I somehow convinced my husband to buy the Bump-nest and truthfully, he couldn't be happier. Now I don't have to use him as a pillow to fall asleep!

    The pillow does "flatten out" where I have my head and knees but all it takes is a gentle shake and the spaces fill back in. If they ever don't, I simply wash the pillow (ON GENTLE) and it's brand new again! And I've heard so many horror stories about people with other pillows trying to get their covers back on. Getting the Bump-nest cover back on was so crazy simple. Easy peasy!

    Thank you again Bump-nest, I truly LOVE my pillow.

  4. Would absolutely recommend!

    Posted by Sarah on 30th May 2015

    I cannot say enough good things about this product. Great for sleeping on your side and back. I use it to prop my back and feet up while watching TV from bed. Requires some fluffing but nothing crazy. Pillowcase is easy to remove and put back on. Can also see how the pillow can be used for breast feeding when the baby comes. Loved the little infant hat that was sent along! Worthwhile purchase :)

  5. So happy with this purchase!!!

    Posted by Chelsea on 29th May 2015

    I am 7 months pregnant and have tried other preggo pillows for sleeping with no luck. Finally broke down and bought this one- thank goodness!! I get a better night sleep with my bump nest pillow than I did before I was pregnant. The size and design is perfect, it really does fit perfectly to my body. Also makes getting out of bed easier because of the neck and shoulder support. So happy I got this & I highly recommend it!!

  6. Great...until it goes flat.

    Posted by Unknown on 28th May 2015

    When I got my Bump Nest I was in love with it. I've had it for about a month now and while it is still incredibly comfortable I spend a solid 5 min every night refluffing it. I read reviews about it going flat but honestly didn't think it would happen this quickly. I follow the instructions that came with the pillow for reshaping but for the price I don't think I should need to be fluffing and washing this as often as I do. It's very comfortable but unfortunately it just doesn't hold it's shape very well.

  7. Definitely recommend!

    Posted by Maggie on 17th May 2015

    I looked at a few different types of pillows before I ordered the Bump Nest, and it was the great reviews (and cute patterns!) that convinced me to order this one. I've had it for about a week, and so far it's been great. I've never slept well, but it helps make it that the time that I am asleep I get a better sleep. My husband is also very appreciative of the decreased tossing and turning! Overall am definitely recommending this to friends and enjoying my better sleep!

  8. awesome

    Posted by kelsey potts on 11th May 2015

    The pillow is so great I can't sleep at night without it! More than worth the money.

  9. A great night's sleep!

    Posted by Elizabeth on 10th May 2015

    I bought this pillow after much back and hip pain. It has helped tremendously! It's soft and comfy; like sleeping on a cloud! I am 29 weeks now and am still sleeping well every night. The bump nest is well worth it! The pillow did flatten some after sleeping on it for a few weeks, but after I washed it and fluffed it; it was back to it's old self! I highly recommend this for any pregnant women!

  10. Love it!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th May 2015

    I have slept really easily and comfortably since my pillow came in the mail. Highly recommend!

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